Maps may differ in style, purpose, materials or

the era they portray.
They can be colored, black and white,
hand drawn 
or exclusively digitally-made.

Byzantine Athens map

They can show details or just the basics.
No matter the form, the shape or the size,
a map has to be fun!

Mapmaking is about precision, consistency
and discipline but it's also a game, a
puzzle, a brainteaser, a challenge.
We make maps the last 14 years.
We like map-riddles!_____________________________________________________________________________________________

map gallery

Istanbul drawn for Skymap/Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey 3dmap_____________________________________________

Helsingor drawn for Skymap/Denmark

Helsingor, Denmark 3dmap_________________________

Athens drawn for Skymap/Greece
Athens 3d map__________________

Athens Fun map_____________________

Copenhagen drawn for Skymap/Denmark

Copenhagen 3d map___________________


Krakow drawn for Skymap/Poland

Krakow 3d map


Cannes, watercolor and ink

Cannes drawn for Skymap/France










Cannes 3d map___________________________________________________

Ios drawn for Skymap/Greece

Ios 3d map__________________ 


New York 3d map____________________________________________

more coming soon....