This is neither a regular blog nor an ordinary one, but I add some photos just in case someone is already in Germany or will travel to Berlin these days...
There is an art show coming up in Berlin this month which is very interesting--even though I’m biased ;-)
The title is:

Reflections on Art and Literature

Lo and Behold presents the exhibition entitled Reflections on Art and Literature, at rosalux – the Berlin-based art office. 
Curating: Artemis Potamianou, Thalia Vrachopoulos A catalogue in English, Greek and German will be available.    For more
Opening: 22nd February 2014, 7 pm
Duration: 22.02.–22.03.2014 

Here’s some photos of the artworks:

The artworks above are by Maria Ikonomopoulou, Meg Hitchcock, Christina Mitrentse and Richard Humann, Artemis Potamianou (in that order).
For more details visit the event’s Facebook page



This is the header design -- the Cannes map-- Croisette Films uses on its website (

What can I say? I’m happy and honored!
I wish them the best!


Speaking of Venice, if anyone is lucky enough to be there or will be till the 30th of September check out the Greek participation at the Open (an international contemporary art exhibition that takes place every year in central locations around the islands of Lido and San Servolo in Venice)

The artwork is by Artemis Potamianou (

Some of you may have already recognized the Muse lyrics.


This is the video I promised in my previous post.
You can find more videos and photos on
There is some amazing work over there...
For me this is a kind of time travel too -- the Venice map a few years ago... you can see it on my home page ;-)
More about Venice in my next post...


My latest pride and joy: Istanbul!
I'll post more soon (along with a beautiful Venice video I found online) but check this out:

The site is under construction but you can get the feeling of the city…and many ideas for places to visit!

For the time being, I’m only dreaming…